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.45 ammo selection?

Is there enough field experience with the .45 version to determine if bullet pullout is as much of an issue with the 45's as with the 9's?…

Started by Major Johnson

2 Oct 6, 2014
Reply by Mark Dante

XR45 Ammo Compatibility same as XR9?

Arne- you think the same Mfgrs and brand will cycle in the 45 as the 9?... or will the weight of the bullet affect compatibility issues?..…

Started by Larry

23 Sep 21, 2014
Reply by mur.cap

Liberty Civil Defense 45 Auto Test

I know there is at least one person on the board that's interested in this test.

Started by Bruce

22 Apr 6, 2014
Reply by Christopher Oberg

XR40 in .40 S&W

It has come to my attention that we can build an XR40 much quicker than an XR45.  The reason is that with the new magazine concept I discov…

Started by Arne Boberg

283 Mar 21, 2014
Reply by John Richards

Dings in ejected cases

Do the latest XR9-S dent the ejected cases?  Does anyone have experience reloading cartridges fired from these guns?  Thanks

Started by David Meltzer

4 Mar 2, 2014
Reply by David Meltzer

RIP fragmenting 9mm

Will be interesting to see the independent tests. G2 Research R.I.P. 9mm * 16" Penetration  *…

Started by John Brady

22 Feb 4, 2014
Reply by mur.cap

Freedom Munitions 115 Gr Reman

DON'T 1st round didn't load well. 2nd round dissociated and major got stuck 80% loaded. How do you get it unstuck? Will

Started by Will

2 Jan 29, 2014
Reply by Will

Ammo Decision Made

Election year and all. Thought I would get while the getting was good. This should keep me going with the Boberg for the near term. I alwa…

Started by Bruce

48 Jan 14, 2014
Reply by mur.cap

Ammo Question for Arne

Underwood stocks continue to improve and I actually ordered some test ammo this morning.  I was about to add the 124 +P+ and 147 +P+ loads…

Started by Bruce

3 Jan 11, 2014
Reply by Arne Boberg

Multiple Impact Bullet Compatability

Hi everyone. I just joined this forum so please excuse me if someone has already addressed this issue.  There is a new bullet manufacture w…

Started by Rey DeCastro

11 Jan 3, 2014
Reply by Rey DeCastro


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