74g Polycase ARX Interceptor 9mm 1475 fps

Heard about this round on Gun Talk radio this weekend and it looks very interesting on multiple levels.

Rated at 1475 fps in 9mm the 74 grain poly/copper bullet features 3 slanting cut outs causing great dissipation of energy.  Independent youtube tests show apx 15 inches of penetration bare gel with slightly more through 4 layers denim.

Another test (strange but ultimately compelling) is a guy shooting large cans of nacho cheese.  The can distortion was impressive especially compared to a standard JHP.

Additionally the felt recoil reported was very low. 

Has anyone tested?  Seems like a lighter bullet would be less likely to separate.



http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DDTPPW_H0M0   (nacho cheese major distortion)

ARX® Technology Acts as a force multiplier, dispersing energy forward and laterally.

ARX® bullets are engineered for maximum hydraulic displacement and terminal energy transfer to targets.

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1443 through Glock 19 4.00" barrel, 1476 fps through Glock 17 4.48" barrel, ??? through a 3.35" barrel?


round looks enticing. wonder if nose shape and bullet composite adds or lessons case separations for Bobergs?

Hard to know... that said... the lighter bullet would have less counter inertia and be less likely to separate all else equal IMO

ShootingTheBull410 AmmoQuest


ARX mini test:  ran a staggering 5... yes FIVE rounds and it functioned effectively perfect.  The shape of the bullet can snag as it is slid into the magazine but that is easily adjusted.  With the online reviews giving me confidence in the round for self defense my only concern was bullet separation which did not happen.  At $1/round and only 50 rounds in my possession (two 25 round boxes ordered from Cabela's) I feel reasonable in carrying this round.  Besides having less recoil (marginal in my XRS9) it makes for a slightly lighter total carry package relative to the 147g hollowpoints I was carrying this saves the weight of 3 bullets. 

Looks interesting in a Sig Sauer P938 with a 3.0" barrel ran 1430fps.  In the XR9S with 3.35 barrel could be significantly faster.

Well... decided to order a couple more boxes from Cabela's and... NO MORE 9mm listed from Polycase.  40 and 45 but no 380 or 9mm.  INSTEAD... they have it under the Ruger name!   And 9mm is out of stock but available to backorder (4-5 weeks est).  There are 2 interesting changes.  Price increase from 17.99 to 19.99 and the IMAGE shows +P and 1530fps vs the previous 1475fps.  Now, in fairness the ONLY reason I even know about this ammo is the radio show Gun Talk from a couple weekends ago where a Ruger rep was talking about it.  So, assuming that it will all be at 1530fps and Ruger labelling... and since through a 3.0" barrel one tester got 1430 average 336 lb/ft if the 1530 comes in at say 1480 in our 3.35" barrel we should be looking at 360 lb ft of energy.  Now, if you haven't seen the "Nerd Gone South" video shooting cans of nacho cheese (yes, yes, I understand but check it out anyway) and seeing the can distortion vs Hornady 124g HP ammo, check it out... I am impressed.

Go to 8:45 for shooting


74gr Inceptor ARX 9×19mm Parabellum vs 115gr Speer Gold Dot +P+


Polycase ARX 45 ACP and 9MM Penetration Testing

through various barriers including simulated house sheetrock walls, impressive!


Through "ribs" or a slab of "something" and then gel blocks... DANG!


I usually order this kind of thing from Clarke Armory, they specialize in non-lead ammo, but they appear to be out as well.


Just wondering, has anyone tried the Underwood Extreme Defender? Looks like the same idea, only made from CNC machined copper.


Brian, it may be time to start another thread.  Yes, the Lehigh bullet and the Underwood team are making a seriously interesting bullet.  In search of the Lehigh Xtreme Penetrator for my S&W BG380 I found both Lehigh and then Underwood's sites.  The Underwood Xtreme Defender has more aggressive fluting resulting in more energy dispersal and less penetration.  At just 65gr in the 380 I think I will stick with the 90grn Penetrator but in the 9mm the 90gr Defender in +P at 1475fps and 435 ft/lbs and the faster 90gr Defender +P+ at 1550fps and 480 ft/lbs looks absolutely devastating!!!

Check out the very interesting vid that also shows important info on penetration.  I will be ordering this very soon. 

4 layers denim, 2 slabs of pork ribs, direct rib hit, calibrated FBI ballistics gel, 17 inches penetration and 3 inch x 10 inch permanent wound channel.  Holy shit.


NEW Underwood 9mm Xtreme Defender Test   


Sorry, didn't mean to hijack the thread. just wanted to point out something similar. I saw the vid already and may have a box of Defender +P on order.

Brian, no problem, I wasn't worried in any way about "hijack".  What I meant was the thread title and early posts are pro ARX which I still am BUT... I am definitely more comfortable with the 90gr solid copper Lehigh/Underwood construction vs the 74gr poly/copper ARX so the new thread comment was to expand viewer options and education. 

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