74g Polycase ARX Interceptor 9mm 1475 fps

Heard about this round on Gun Talk radio this weekend and it looks very interesting on multiple levels.

Rated at 1475 fps in 9mm the 74 grain poly/copper bullet features 3 slanting cut outs causing great dissipation of energy.  Independent youtube tests show apx 15 inches of penetration bare gel with slightly more through 4 layers denim.

Another test (strange but ultimately compelling) is a guy shooting large cans of nacho cheese.  The can distortion was impressive especially compared to a standard JHP.

Additionally the felt recoil reported was very low. 

Has anyone tested?  Seems like a lighter bullet would be less likely to separate.



http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DDTPPW_H0M0   (nacho cheese major distortion)

ARX® Technology Acts as a force multiplier, dispersing energy forward and laterally.

ARX® bullets are engineered for maximum hydraulic displacement and terminal energy transfer to targets.

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case separation is a matter of crimp.

the highest grain weight available will perform fine with a good crimp.

the lightest projectile out there would not be trustworthy with a poor crimp.

the vast majority of the good defense rounds out there have a good crimp!


bbrkc said:

round looks enticing. wonder if nose shape and bullet composite adds or lessons case separations for Bobergs?

it hurts to see nacho cheese wasted like that...


John Brady said:

Well... decided to order a couple more boxes from Cabela's and... NO MORE 9mm listed from Polycase.

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