90gr +P Lehigh and Underwood Xtreme Defender 1475fps 435ft/lbs

The Lehigh bullet and the Underwood team are making a seriously interesting bullet.    The Underwood Xtreme Defender has more aggressive fluting resulting in more energy dispersal and less penetration. The 9mm the 90gr Defender in +P at 1475fps and 435 ft/lbs and the faster 90gr Defender +P+ at 1550fps and 480 ft/lbs looks absolutely devastating!!!

Check out the very interesting vid that also shows important info on penetration.  I will be ordering this very soon. 

4 layers denim, 2 slabs of pork ribs, direct rib hit, calibrated FBI ballistics gel, 17 inches penetration and 3 inch x 10 inch permanent wound channel.  Holy shit.


NEW Underwood 9mm Xtreme Defender Test   



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Just when I thought I had settled on the 74gr Polycase ARX (now Ruger) this Lehigh and Underwood round is my new favorite and I haven't even shot it yet. Of course it will need to pass the "no separation" testing but barring that this seems to be a game changer.

this is exciting! underwood has always been an excellent performer in the system and is, in fact, our test round for +P range tests.

Ok, different, similar Underwood bullet but in 10mm through the 6" barrel of a Glock 40, 140gr, 1560fps, 756ft-lbs, BULLET PROOF GLASS...


I got a box a while back and have three more on order. I will let you know how they shoot.

Brian, I have a box of the Defender +P for my XR9-s, a box of Defender +P+ for my S&W MP9c and a box of the Penetrator (std P) for my S&W Bodyguard 380 as it looks to make that gun reliable for PD.  Haven't shot any yet but I have little doubt they will all perform.  

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