My shorty just arrived! If a separation occurs, is the gun out of commission until it's been thoroughly cleaned? Or is there a quick way to get it up and running again? Or does the loose powder even cause a problem?

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Keep on shooting , thats what I have done in the early days when I didnt check the compatible list of ammo, I didnt have any problems when I keep shooting

if you have a case separation first thing to do is pull the gun apart and give it a good shaking out. turn your frame upside down and give it a few good taps on the bench.

gunpowder getting caught in the lift mechanism could inhibit proper movement.

when you get home and do your cleaning out, use a spray can cleaner like clp. work the lift mechanism with you finger as you spray into and under it.

drop your unlock block and inspect your anti-seize to make sure there is no unburnt gunpowder in it. if so wipe clean and re-apply.

make sure to avoid those rounds, and it always helps if you drop a range report in this thread calling out the poor round.

Maybe the loose power is the cause.

Because most people's gun have been registered. So government will adopt a way to manage these guns if there is a separation. 

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