I can find tons of anti-seize products online. What I am looking for is somewhere to find it locally. The three leads I have found were all out of stock, but could order it in, in about two weeks. I can get it online faster, so that does me no good. Where should I be looking? What chain store might I find it in, or lacking that, where in the Portland, Oregon might I run it down? I thank you, and my new onyx XR-9 thanks you.


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After much searching I finally ran this down at NAPA Auto Parts. Item number SL3333


Personally, I prefer waiting a few days for an online order of the actual substance Boberg recommends.  I found mine, a pound jar, at an electric supply (??!!) in the Midwest, for half what a local industrial supply outfit charges.  Took maybe 3 days to get here.  And I don't have to worry about whether a substitute is ok or not.

If you look, it is on the approved list.

I have LPS on order, i just wanted something to hold me till my order arrives.


Sorry about that.  The list I had seen only lists LPS.

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