I know XR45's are hard to come by these days, but does anyone know where I can get one?

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The last one I saw sell was about 2 months ago on gun broker..was a platinum model new in box for 2000
Thanks! I'm getting the sense that I might have to wait until Bond starts putting them out.

Saw one yesterday at Bill's Gun Shop  Circle Pines MN.    New....??$1350    Memory shot.

Also all Black XR9 S,  2 tone XR9 S, and 2 tone XR9 L

Bills has 4 gun shops & ranges in Minnesota.  Circle Pines range is few blocks from original Boberg factory

One on gb right now. Buy it for 850. Damn it sucks to be broke. Won't be there long
You weren't lying, it's already gone! There's a XR9 on there, but I'm gonna hold out for the .45.
It was a steal for a xr45 s. Two tone model from a guy with no rating. However it looked nice
so how much are the xr45 plat finish worth? I have one I may be in the market to sell one.

I've got an early release 45-S in black nitron finish that I'm contemplating parting with. What's your cash pain threshold?

I'll start at $900, but go ahead and counteroffer and we'll see what we can work out. Here's the rub though, I have to get it on MD handgun roster. The XR9 is already on the list, so it's pretty much a paper drill, but the soonest I'll be able to get the XR45 on the roster will be August.

Sorry... not enough for me to justify selling it. I'd need at least what I paid for it. Guess I'll hang onto it till we see if Bond decides if it will pursue the 45 platform at all.

So what did you pay for it?

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