Greetings and salutations fellow crazy people who spent big bucks on a funky awesome gun!  I am in a bit of a quandary at the moment. I finally got ahold of an XR45s, brought it home and the very first thing that happens is my idiot roommate/landlord (the wife and I basically pay his mortgage with our rent, he couldn't afford to keep the house if we left) decides that he's gonna take this fancy new gun he's never even heard of and disassemble/reassemble it after I put it down and then go take care of something else that the wife was nagging me about right after getting home from picking this up (if I remember correctly the trash needed to be taken out). So of course, this genius (read as dumbass) who thinks that being former military instantly means he's a weapons expert who can work on any weapon on God's green earth fucks up the reassembly and somehow winds up horrifically bending/kinking/mangling the recoil spring on both ends while trying to put the gun back together. So, I need to know where I might be able to procure a new recoil spring for my brand new-to-me gun. Thankfully I was able to clean up and unkink the worst of the damage to the spring so it does appear to work still. But I'd still prefer a replacement, and short of making my landlord/roommate buy another XR45s off an auction site so I can take its recoil spring I'm not sure where to get another. Maybe Bond Arms still has some of the NOS springs from when they bought Boberg?

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GONRA's not sure this can help - but t can''t hurt (much):

"Unmangle" recoil spring  as well as you can.  (Doesn't have  to win a beauty contest.    Its will still be a SPRING !!!).

Then reassemble using a #36 drll SHANK (check this, going by memory) as a slave pin to line up everything.

Pull the drill out of the front of the pistol when reassembled.

Get a 3 inch piece of #36 drll rod (check size) for yer Boberg Maintanence Kit.

I wonder if a recoil spring from a 9mm model would work?  I don't know what, if any, parts were shared between the models, but it seems like recoil springs would be a good candidate.

It wouldn't hurt to call bond to see if they have a recommendation.  

If you don't find another source, you could take the measurements of the current recoil spring and find a commercial spring that is similar.  If your spring is too messed up to get good measurements, let me know and I'll dig mine out of the safe and do measurements.

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