I have been thinking about this for quite some time. My objective is to use IF WS2 (search threads here) to lubricate the gun.

This material bonds to the metal of the gun and provides a dry lubricating surface. It is a hard material, lubricates better than most anything else, and won't be displaced during operation.

Arne, you specify grease in some high wear parts of the pistol. I would like to use IF WS2 and avoid having grease in the gun. My question is does the grease perform any other function than pure lubricity on the surface and keeping it in place? For example, is the grease providing some sort of hydrostatic cushioning, or just a film of slippery?

Is there any reason why a permanent coating of IF WS2 could not replace the grease. If a characteristic of "greasness" is required, can you elaborate on the function. If necessary I could try blending a base grease with IF WS2.

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i would stick to a good anti-seize. the very heavy "gooienes" / viscosity of the product is important. when the product loses this and turns into a hard waxy surface (like a dry lube) it loses its effectiveness and should be replaced.

the ONLY place anti-seize should be used in the system is at the points in which the unlock block and barrel lug interfaces. this area is subject to extremely high pressure and temperature. utilizing a grease or anti-seize in other areas will result in a sticky feeling slide, and lackluster performance.

failure to utilize the correct type of product in this area will result in poor performance, including FTFs and FTEs, as well as galling of the barrel and unlock block surfaces.

failure to utilize the proper type of product in this area can result in a voided warranty.

i HIGHLY recommend against experimenting with products on the XR series. ESPECIALLY if the pistol is being used for defense, at home or on the street!



GONRA sez (again & again):   Moly Kote MoS2 "G" paste does the trick.

                                            You can't do better.....     (But its dirty.)

alternety sez (again & again): not true. You can do better, and both are dirty.

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