Obama to visit Minneapolis on Monday Feb 4th to push gun control and Mayor Rybak wants to blackmail cooperation from gun-makers to stop making semi-autos.  Nice!


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The proposed legislation http://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/2013/02/daniel-zimmerman/minnesota... does not bode well for Mn. You guys need to act fast, contact your representatives now! Make sure they realize that you will be a one issue voter.

Follow Ronnie Barrett's lead:


They need you more than you need them.

I agree.  In NYS we have such a restrictive new law that by "unintentional discharge" they forgot to exempt the State Police and every other Law Enforcement Officer.  They made every "cop" a "criminal"...and now they say they will "fix-it-by-amendment."  This is the same politicians who "fixed-it" by restricting everyone to seven rounds in the old magazine when they told the public they were focusing on "assault weapons."  Semi-autos are "assault weapons?" Other state representatives are now "drooling" over the NYS Law.  I'm sure they'd use public funds to purchase the "template" if it were necessary. But the template is free.  Do act now!  Your rights are eroding as we speak via politicos "wet dreams."
Humza Ismail said:

The proposed legislation http://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/2013/02/daniel-zimmerman/minnesota... does not bode well for Mn. You guys need to act fast, contact your representatives now! Make sure they realize that you will be a one issue voter.

Another ironic example of the Law of Unintended Consequences as a result of their rush to enact this law before the people had the opportunity to provide any input. I also think that criminalizing "unintentional discharges" serves no useful purpose aside from creating more criminals in the population so that they can be disarmed. They will also not be able to vote or serve on juries, but will still be required to pay taxes. Therefore, taxation without representation will have been forced on more and more of the population. We know how that worked out last time. 

Regardless of any amendments, it would be good for all police agencies in New York state to announce that they will not be enforcing this blatantly unconstitutional law.  If those in government do not understand the meaning of "...the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed" then they should no longer be in government. There is no justifiable excuse for the passage of this law.

What other civil rights will the government of the state of New York intentionally violate next? Is this the new "New York state of mind"?

Wouldn't it be funny if President Obama would visit a state that all ready had this law passed and all of his Secret Service security detail would be arrested for having illegal weapons.  [After all, the law is the law, even if it is unconstitutional.]
Humza Ismail said:

The proposed legislation http://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/2013/02/daniel-zimmerman/minnesota... does not bode well for Mn. You guys need to act fast, contact your representatives now! Make sure they realize that you will be a one issue voter.


“Vice President Joe Biden, who spearheaded the White House's effort to find ways of reducing gun violence, admitted to reporters Thursday that any measures passed by Congress would fail in totally eliminating gun deaths.

Biden was speaking on Capitol Hill after meeting with Democratic lawmakers to build support for gun control legislation currently making its way through Congress. While he said no law could ever eliminate gun deaths, the vice president stressed that attempts must be made to prevent gun violence, particularly as Americans are demanding an answer from the government on how to end tragedies like the December massacre in Connecticut.

"Nothing we are going to do is fundamentally going to alter or eliminate the possibility of another mass shooting or guarantee that we will bring gun deaths down," Biden said, echoing remarks President Barack Obama made in January when he said "there is no law or set of laws that can prevent every senseless act of violence completely."”

So, Biden openly admits that it is all a blatant sham in response to demands to "do something".

Ed:  I'm thinking that they know they're going to lose at the federal level (due to a republican held house). So that's why they are now going to the states to try to bum rush this through as many state legislatures as possible.

Biden has wandered-off the nursing home campus quite some time ago.  The problem is people want to depend on "big government" to tie their shoes.  There's no "work ethic" anymore so why should they rely upon themselves to do anything of consequence?  This "gun grab" is only a symptom of the bigger problem of this Administration wanting to change the political structure of this country (via Executive Orders out of reach of Congressional decision-making) and changing the 'culture" of this country.  Diddling with The Second Amendment is part of their plan to accomplish "Social Justice" and "Progressive" Reform. Then the citizens can't fight back against the socialist agenda.   Since "The war agains poverty" hasn't been successful (it didn't build "ambition") now you have the next version of a socialist "Four Year Plan."  Look deeper into this tub of "yogurt" and see it for what it is.  The Democrat Party has successfully been hijacked by the Left.  Biden is only a "prop" and tool of their reformation movement.

In 2010 the SCOTUS ruled in McDonald v. Chicago that the 2nd Amendment applied to the states as well as the Federal government. The problem is that the state Legislatures can still pass unconstitutional law to make a symbolic gesture to "do something" at great cost to those arrested under these unconstitutional laws. It takes a lot of cash and legal expertise to challenge the unconstitutional laws in many states.  The recent Moore v. Madigan decision by the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals on December 12, 2012 held that citizens of Illinois have the right to carry concealed weapons outside the home for self defense, giving the state of Illinois 180 days to enact appropriate legislation regulating firearms instead of the current complete ban on concealed carry of firearms by those other than police officers. It will be curious to see whether they meet the deadline and what the court will do for all those currently charged under the unconstitutional law.

The Second Amendment Foundation has been at the forefront at successfully challenging these laws and could use your financial support. Consider it a part of the total cost of ownership, countervailing your tax dollars used to deprive you of your civil rights by your state and Federal governments.


It "ain't about arms."  It's about power and once the new laws "changes" are allowed. It takes some "undoing" to "undo them." Obamacare = example one.

See what's happening in NYS and see how "confiscation" occurs as part of the "gun grab" due to the erosion of The Second Amendment by new "bills" be they Federal, State or "yokel."  The below is a response because the NYS Police advised if no "registration,," "confiscation" will occur.  "The state police said, also, that gun   confiscation will be carried out, as an end result of non compliance, with the   permit renewal process or gun registry."  People should stop debating and start getting onto the backs of sincere Conservative representatives. "The Plot Thickens."


Ah, the tyranny of the majority in action. Even if a majority of New York state voters favor the legislation, that still does not make the legislation constitutional:


A few of the comments to the story are well worth reading.

The North Country of New York does not appear to be in complete alignment with downstate. if there were sufficient numbers of "sincere Conservative representatives", then this legislation would not have passed. Your best effort may be to find someone to file an injunction before someone is arrested under this law, the sooner the better.

I would not want to be a police officer attempting to enforce that law when the word gets out that confiscations are happening. What is the wording of the oath that is sworn to by a police officer in New York state? Once the populace understands that you are willfully violating their civil rights, then I would not expect too much cooperation from them.

Obama swore to the same oath...and look what he's doing...and she shoots "skeet" at Camp Davis. Right!

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