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Jim, let me be the first to give you a big public thank you for the efforts of you and your team. This a all very valuable information for the Boberg community. It not only informs us owners, but also potential customers and reviewers that this highly innovative design is not just a novelty, but actually works and is deserving of their serious consideration.

Speaking for the group, we appreciate it.

Great info! Thank you.

Thanks Jim.  As an owner of XDs 3.3 and 4.0 your tests will give me some comparison points to work with.

Doesn't pertain to the Boberg, but I just added a blog post about how the ammo tested performed in a Glock 21 (standard configuration and with a .460 Rowland conversion kit in place):

After seeing the results from two test configurations of Glock pistols where the “standard configuration has a 4.61″ octagonal polygonal rifling, while the conversion barrel is 5.2″ overall with conventional rifling, threaded, and with a compensator”, and the results from two differing Boberg XR45-S pistols with 3.75" barrels, I want a 4.6" barrel for my XR45-S.

XR45-S Platinum with a 4.6” barrel:

XR45-S Onyx with a 4.6” barrel:

But I am confused by the offerings on the Boberg Arms WebStore. When I click on the XR45-S 4.2" extended barrel option, I see the title at the top of the page “XR45-S 4.2" Extended Barrel followed by the text “This barrel is .85" longer than the barrel offered in the XR45-S pistol, and offers increased velocity and reduced felt recoil.  Made from high-strength 4-16R stainless steel.” 3.75 inches plus 0.85 inches totals 4.60 inches, not 4.20 inches.

So, is it a 4.2 inch extended barrel, or is it a 4.6 inch extended barrel for sale by Boberg Arms?

Will a Boberg Arms XR45-S with a 4.6" barrel with standard rifling shoot with comparable muzzle velocity and muzzle energy to a Glock with "4.61″ octagonal polygonal rifling"?


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