I was getting ready to glue a piece of material inside the trigger guard to reduce the trigger overtravel.  Is there any reason this is a bad idea?  Is there a better way to remove the overtravel?

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A simple adjustable set screw drilled and tapped through the center of the trigger. Just like the ones seen on TV!  Not a Bad idea.

That's better than a pad for the trigger to land on?

It certainly is the more common solution.

Check with the gunsmith before any alterations.

we had a customer that installed a trigger shoe on his pistol, it also had an over-travel screw on it. structurally there should be no problem. there are pictures on the forum somewhere, i just cant track them down...

that said, it seems like a lot of work for very little improvement. you are almost on top of the back of the trigger guard before the sear releases, not a lot of overtravel...

but then again, everyone has a slightly different preference as to how they like their gun to handle... and that is one of the GREAT things about this biz!

I glued a pad of neoprene on for the trigger to land on.  Works super well.

You can do some crazy things with "Crazy Glue!"...or "Super Glue."

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