thought folks would be interested in this...

for a short time we manufactured subcaliber devices for the XR9 and XR45. these "devices" were barrels that would slide into the original barrel.

this would do a few things...

first off, it would allow folks to play around with a very long ( 9 inches) barreled .25cal...

what it REALLY was made for, was as a way for California residents to get the XRs into their state.

the barrel, once installed into the pistol, would make it a VERY ACCURATE single shot plinker, unable to feed from the magazine. for a while, a california customer could go into a shop and buy a XR pistol (with one of these barrels installed).

they could then, simply and legally, remove the subcal device and use their pistol as originally intended by the manufacturer...

some folks would literally remove the barrel right there at the local gunshop and hand it back to them... some folks would take 'em home and shoot the heck out of them from time to time...

it did not take long for the wise folks at the helm of the once great state, to change the single shot laws. the "single shot" pistol could no longer be one that could be modified to cycle in semi-automatic...

AND that was the end of that... for the california sales anyway.

there was still a lot of interest in these subcal devices from XR owners in the rest of the country, looking to add another thing to play with out in the field or at the range...

.25 Cal device installed in a XR9-S

Internal view of .25 Cal device installed in a XR9-S

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That's the route I had to use, and I owe so many thinks to Mark for personally guiding my order through the system to get it to me just in time before the legal window closed.

Thats awsome. Are they still available?  Mark; did you ever get my email?  John

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