Does anyone on here have a Bond Bullpup?  How does it compare to the XR9?  Any issues?

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Was really hoping we would hear from someone.  Wonderful this site is alive again.

GONRA's  having a hellave tyme with this website.  

(Website's probably Just FIne  - any Problems refect on Me rather than  Bond.)

My BondBullPup9 looks like a tool room job -- just like my orignal Boberg.   

Only shot a few rounds thru my Bond BullPup9 - months ago.    Functioned Just Fine.

>>>   Wish Bond would make a .45 ACP Bond BullPup45!!!  /p>


Thanks for the feedback.  Why only a few rounds?  How many is a few?


What do you mean tool room job?  Finnish?

GONRA's 9mm and .45 ACP Bobergs and my Bond Bullpup9 all look like "tool room jobs".

Parts are closely fitted.  Any more and things would bind up. Can't ask for more than that!

(Check out other auto pistol websites to see examples of Today' Crappy Machining....)

Only shootin' Winchester White Box in these per mfg. spec.  None of my Prize Winning Handloads.

3 more Totally Wierd items that won't get shot much for my "reference collection".

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The Bond Arms Bullpup Coming soon!

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