I had contacted Bond Arms last week to see if I could purchase an XR9-L unlock block.  I thought that would be the most likely piece to fail.  Just got a response from Bond customer service that there will be an announcement when they start making the XR9-L.  Also, at that time, you will be able to send in your Boberg to have the barrel and unlock block replaced with NP3 covered parts.  Or, you can send your own parts to Robar and have them coated for $70.  I sent in my XR9-L barrel, guide rod, and action block this week, and the same parts for my "shorty" are going to Robar when I get the first parts back.  Glad to hear that Bond will build the XR9-L.  I just wish they would make the .45 also.  There is obviously a good market for the .45.

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Thanks Vern! Thanks Luke!  Glad we are all hanging around.  Great information for us Boberg enthusists.

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