Does anyone here have experience buying ammo from the Bone Frog Gun Club? I bought some HST from them, and I noticed a few casings that have small dings or dents. It also looks old, maybe a hint of tarnish. I'm wondering if it might be reloads, I have no experience to know how to identify a reload. But in comparison, some other HST I have is bright and shiny, no dings.

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Hi Bill,Thank you, I will do that.  I took some pics tonight, but it's hard to get clear pics in indoor lighting with the reflection off of the casings.  I'll see if I can get better pics in daylight.  I do have the lot numbers (it's the same in the two boxes that I have), as well as my original email purchase confirmation.  I'll send all of that to you once I get good pics.

Thanks for your attention to this!


Hey.  MR. Kent I was reading some reviews on bobergrams and saw some people were saying that their HST ammo. was dirty, dinged, and tarnished. I've ordered HST rds. from you and have never seen any dirty or tarnished casings yet. You need to realize that if you sell to 100 people you'll have atleast 10 complainers for one reason or another.You just can't please everyone. Some people would gripe if you hung'em with a new rope.So don't let them bother you. Your stuff is good so just keep on as you were and thank you for your service sir.

I'll second Bill Kent's comments.  I have purchased a number of items from (probably 6 orders)  them and the condition of the ammunition on arrival has been new in every case.  In addition service has been excellent and pricing very competitive.  They have also been very helpful and at times advised me not to buy from what they had in stock but to wait for a slightly different product from the same mfgr .  Their estimated in stock date was spot on.   My take is that he is exactly what he represents - someone who has used a lot of ammunition on behalf of our national interests and who sells carefully selected products at a very competitive price  with great service.

Bill Kent said:

Apologies, Booger Boy... quoted above as Steve but meant David.  Hope to hear back from you to resolve your issue.

Bill Kent said:

Hey guys.  I am the owner of Bone Frog Gun Club and as we advertise, we do NOT sell reloads, never have and never will.  We only sell new, factory ammunition.  Anytime a customer has a question about our ammo, we welcome a conversation.  Booger Boy (Steve), I contacted you twice, once leaving a message and once actually having a conversation with you, asking you to take photos of the rounds and of the lot numbers on the boxes so I could address the issue and possibly get the factory to issue an exchange of your 5 boxes.  Haven't gotten this from you, but instead you decide to make statements that are not factual, but rather your opinion.  I am a US Navy Veteran, very experienced in firearms and ammo and am just trying to get ammo in the hands of good, honest, avid shooters all at a great price with superior service.  Thanks and best to you.

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