I have the 45 and a number of us have reported live round ejections. I believe that this happens with the 9's also. My live round ejections are of the type where after a round is fired, the empty brass is ejected, a new round is successfully loaded in the chamber, and an additional live round is usually ejected clear, but occasionally stovepipes, preventing the slide from closing on the already chambered new round. I'm using Winchester white box 230 FMJ. I have not noticed any consistent pattern of this happening early or late in the mag stack.

Does anybody have any insights into the cause or cure for this problem? My best guess is that there is enough friction between the top two rounds in the mag that as the tongs strip the top round backward, the friction drags the next round down right back with it.. If that is the problem, the only solution that comes to mind would be lubing each round before loading. Anybody have any thoughts on this problem? Has anybody ever had a conversation with or a repair done by the factory for this problem?

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Artosa, I have a PX4 Storm in .40 S&W & it has a an unlock plock mated to a normal recoil spring assembly that basically 'connects' to the barrel by the cam on the block inserted into an 'unlocking channel' on the barrel (just opposite of the Boberg design). I can take a few photos & post them if you'd like (that is, if I can figure out how to post the photos).

On the subject of the Archoil AR2400 Nano WS2 - I think what Mollie was trying to say & what I realized is, that there doesn't seem to be anyone in the USA that sells the AR2400. When googling for this, the search always turns up AR4200, but NOT AR2400.  Do you have a source to purchase the AR2400?  (AR8300 is generally available from a number of sources, but not AR2400).


I purchased the AR2400 from Archoil.  I gave them a call and his response was they are re-doing  the MSDS and it should be available in another month.  Yes, I would like to see the PX4's innards.

OK, Thanks!  I'll call Archoil.

Here are some photos of the PX4 Storm. This is Beretta's 'Compact' frame. 


Here's 2 more photos of the PX4 Storm 


Bob, good pictures, thank you.  Lots of places for AR8300.  How is the racking effort compared to the XR?  It looks like they have a decent buffering system.

It's much stiffer to rack the slide than on the Boberg.

I called Archoil & ordered a syringe of AR8300 & they're including a sample of their AR4200 LP (new) & their AR4200 CLP to try out. You're right, the AR2400 dry spray WS2 isn't available right now but will be order able in about a month.


Your welcome, thank you for the PX4 pics!

I just now ordered the AR8300 and AR4200 on eBay from a store with free shipping. I see the 4200 has the WS2 which is in the 2400.
Artosa, how much of the AR8300 do you use on the unlock block? Two pea-sized drops as directed in the manual?

Artosa said:

I purchased the AR2400 from Archoil.  I gave them a call and his response was they are re-doing  the MSDS and it should be available in another month.  Yes, I would like to see the PX4's innards.

That would work.  Also apply the grease to any barrel bearing surface (unlock block barrel cradle, lug bearing surfaces, barrel support channels in slide) and also to slide bearing surfaces till break-in is done.  You will notice a distinct change in how the gun works by 150 rds.

Last weekend I used the AR8300 but I applied only a thin film to all of those surfaces on my XR9 and XR45. I put 140 rds through the XR9 and 150 rds through the XR45. Didn't notice any improvement, but will see how it goes this weekend. However, I do have 850 rds total through the 45 and around 1200 through the 9. Normal break-in doesn't seem to have helped with the live round ejections and misfeeds.

So, you applied pea sized drops?

Pea-size drops will work fine.  My XR45 improved immensely using the AR8300.  Now when I load six, I shoot six; I'm not looking on the floor to see where the round went.   It's even easier to rack the slide to load.  The AR8300 is now in my other guns as well.

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