I noticed during cleaning that coiled pin on the slide (item No.37 on part list) is sticking out to the right about 3 mm.I tried to push it back but I couldn't do it.

I didn't have any malfunctions last time I used my XR9.

What do you suggest I should do?

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That is extremely unusual.  Normally, that pin can be drifting in with an 1/8" punch (with the slide resting on a block of wood).  But if it goes in easily, it should probably be returned to us for repair.  That pin is supposed to fit in there very tightly.

I tried to push it in but I was unable to do it. I am afraid to use more force.....

We'll get it fixed - it could have been that it wasn't pushed all the way in in the first place.  Sounds like customer service has it already in process.

Thank you

Hello Milan.  I am experiencing this same problem.  Can you tell me what Boberg did to resolve it?  New pin?  Any adjustment to gun?  Thanks

I'll be curious to see how this latest question resolves because I have the very same problem. I first noticed what seemed to be a burr on the slide after a range session with my XR9S Onyx but I didn't remember any burr. A close inspection revealed that the coiled pin had walked to the right side while firing and the burr was actually the coiled pin itself.

I was able to use a punch and tap the coiled pin back in and centered it but it started to walk again after another range session. I SHOULD have addressed this at the time but just never got around to doing it and now with the sale, Bond Arms seems to be who needs to handle this. In the meantime my XR9S sits in my safe ...

The response to this is taking some time.  Bond told me earlier this week that they aren't doing any repairs for 2-3 months.  I did request to purchase this pin several days ago.  No response yet.  I went on the Bond site which is advertising their Bond Bullpup and found a statement that says they will service the Boberg guns. (all new this week)  I registered on the site and repeated my problems to their service dept.  Waiting to see how they respond.  I was offered a pin out of one of this forums membership  yesterday. He was willing to take it out of his own XR9. The members of this forum are so wonderful.  I declined the offer in hope of Bond stepping it up.

Your description above is exactly what I'm experiencing.

I think that Bond seems willing to commit to support the Boberg - as well they should because a cadre of happy owners is the best springboard to success with their own "version" of the XR9S. The issue may be mostly one of logistics.

This coiled pin "problem" isn't totally new - I've read of others with it and Boberg took the slide back and replaced the pin for them; I just dragged my feet too long with mine and am now caught up - as you are - in the transition.

Though I am pretty handy with "machines" I do remember Mark Dante mentioning that this pin is supposed to be a very tight fit (so it doesn't walk) and took some proper techniques to remove and install so I really would rather get Bond to do this for me. Perhaps I will do as you did - register and submit my problem to Bond - perhaps this will encourage them to provide a fix.

Just an update on my coiled pin (#37).

I received a new pin from Bond Arms on Feb 22nd.  Garrett from Bond sent it quite quickly after my request.  As of today Apr 24th; I have had no luck finding a smith to install the pin.  I contacted Bond thru their Bullpup site and asked when they would take in Boberg products for repair.  No response.

I received an email from Mark Dante on Feb 26th requesting my phone # so he could possibly help me out.  Still waiting for the call.  I contacted Coonan Arms and was able to get Mark's new email.  Wrote several times but no response.  

Haven't been able to shoot my XR9 since late December.  I enjoyed the 8 weeks and 600 rounds I  put through it at that time. Now; after 4 months of inactivity;  I wonder if the warranty on my gun even exists.  Starting to grow old and am losing patience.  Sorry for this CRAPPY update.

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