Consolidated List of Boberg Compatible .45 Ammunition

Consolidated List of Boberg Compatible .45 Ammunition  

Boberg's patented loading design is great and fits a longer barrel into a smaller package but some ammo that isn't manufactured up to specs may cause problems. This isn't a flaw of the gun but rather a flaw in the ammo - You can't expect to put cheap tires on a Ferrari and still expect it to go 0 to 60 in 3 seconds.

The problem has been separation of the bullet from the casing because of inadequate crimping by the bullet manufacturer (remember most guns PUSH the next round into the barrel and thus don't have problems with bad crimps. The Boberg PULLS then PUSHES the next round into place.) Plated ammunition is generally not able to be crimped very well. The lead is too soft for the case mouth to get any decent tension on the bullet. Full metal jacket or hollowpoint ammo, however, has a solid foundation for the case mouth to create tension during crimping.

The list will be updated as people post their experiences - please try to be as specific as possible regarding manufacturer, model, grain, FMJ/JHP, flat/round nose, etc. Manufacturers are constantly updating procedures when they identify deficiencies. For failed ammo, if you can identify roughly when ammo was purchased, the info will be posted for reference. 

Ammo with any reproducible issues is placed in the incompatible list but may still be usable for practice or by swapping the trigger spring for a heavier one. Most people will avoid regularly shooting ammo that separates because it is a pain to clean out, and the loose gunpowder flies right into your face. 

Disclaimer: Boberg Arms does not officially recommend any type of ammunition, nor does it guarantee the performance of any particular type of ammunition since we do not control the manufacturing of ammunition. We highly recommend that you test-fire ammunition at the range before carrying it for self-defense.

Known Incompatible:

 185gr +P DPX

     160gr Barnes TAC-XP MANN load (reduced load): no evidence of separation, but occasional feed failures 


    Champion 230 FMJ

     230gr: FTFs, FTEs and live round ejections.


    230 grain JHP (FTF, fail to cycle)

    230g UMC JHP (FTF)

    230g Golden Saber  JHP (FTF)

    185 JHP +P (manufactured in mid-90s)

Sellier & Bellot
     230gr: Multi-hammer strikes due to very hard primers, failures to go into full battery.

SIG Sauer

     200g Elite Performance JHP (light strikes, FTF)


     185g JHP (45 Super) (separations)

      Personal Protection PDX1 230gr JHP (purchased several years ago) (live round ejections)

Known Compatible:

     160gr Barnes TAC-XP +P

     450 SMC (45 Super variant)


     230gr American Eagle FMJ RN 

     230 gr HST (may require spacer in front of mag due to short OAL)

     230 gr HST +P (may require spacer in front of mag due to short OAL)


     230gr FMJ RN  

     Critical Duty 220gr FlexLock 
     Critical Defense 185gr FTX

     Civil Defense78gr +P

     First Defense 165gr +P SCHP

     Military M1911 Ball

     UMC 230gr (but a few FTF in a very hot gun)


    Lawman 185 gr TMJ

    Gold Dot 200 gr +P GDHP

     White Box 230gr (but a few FTF in a very hot gun)

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Art, the sticks are .235" X .070" X 2.95".  Package says 2.75 inches.

Took some Underwood Xtreme Defender, XD+P and ARX to chrono at range.  No pull-outs with any of the loads but I got FTEs if I didn't hold the grip tightly.  My 4.2 barrel was left at home so I just got 3.7 and 5.0 inch results.  .45 auto:

Xtreme Defender 3.7 inch 1298 fps.  5.0 inch 1408fps.  +P 3.7 inch 1305 fps.  5.0 inch 1483 fps.  ARX 3.7 inch 1332 fps.  5.0 inch 1440 fps.

Ran some .380 XD and +P if anyone is interested.  Out of a 3.7 inch XD was 1307 fps.  +P was 1425 fps.

The +P in both calibers are now my defensive loads .

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