Consolidated List of Popular Cleaning/Lube Products

Because of the success of the 'Compatible Ammo' discussion, I was requested to create a similar master discussion for Cleaning Agents/Lube Products.  This will minimize multiple threads and create a library of MUST READ discussions for any future newbies to the Boberg world.

Please note that the Boberg XR9 system is unique and requires different cleaning procedures - see the other discussions for more detailed info on cleaning procedures as this discussion focuses on cleaning products (but pay special attention to the area on the slide around the tongs).  The biggest difference with the Boberg system is the factory recommendation to use a molybdenum based anti-seize grease for the unlock block area.  This would be in addition to any CLP or solvent/lube combo that you choose.


Cleaning and lube products are constantly being improved and new discoveries (or experiences) can change the recommendations of what to use.  Just because "Brand X" lube is currently used by the factory doesn't mean that this will be used forever.  Feel free to check back periodically to see if there are any changes.


There are several hundred different brands of products on the market.  Just because the product is not on the list doesn't mean that you can't use it.  We are simply trying to keep the list manageable and useful.  To that end, if you have some obscure product that you use but is impossible to find, please don't ask for it to be put on the list.  This list is to help people with popular, easy to find products that work well with our Bobergs.  If a common product is used successfully by a lot of people but is missing from the list, please post it in this discussion and when there are enough people that support the product, I'll update the list.


I will not be posting links on where to buy the products because prices change and stores may be out of stock (plus it would be A LOT of work for me to keep updating links).  I DO RECOMMEND that if you have found a product at a cheap price, post it up and share your find!  The benefit of having a group forum like this is to help everyone with good deals or perhaps group buys in the future.


If you are new to Bobergs or guns in general and do not know the unique parts and oiling points for this innovative gun, please refer to your owner's manual or the discussion on Cleaning and Lube Instructions.







Break-free Powder Blast


Hoppes No. 9 Solvent

Hoppes Elite Gun Cleaner




Uses CLP below




Hoppes Elite Gun Oil


Moly/Graphite Anti-Seize Product (Barrel Lugs/Unlock Cam)


LPS anti-seize Part No. #04110





Sta Lube

Sta Lube Anti-Seize Part No. SL3333




Break-free CLP



EEZOX (smells good, maybe too good)


Slip2000 Extreme Weapons Lube



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Alternety, know that some of your fellow geeks truly appreciate your tenacity and effort in this area.

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