I have an XR9 that is brand new. Low serial number. A set of three.  I have decided to use it as my EDC.

I tried firing it to begin break-in. Not a happy experience. In one and a half mags, I had four failures to feed. I was using UMC ammo. Two mags. One mag had a couple of Federal HST in it. I had four failures to feed.

It is really a total pain in the butt to clear this problem. A round is still in there. I am going to try again to clear it. I have been unable to clear the weapon.

The round seems to fail to move up enough for it to align with the chamber. The weapon was cleaned and lubricated before the test (it has sat unused for a long time). Including the grease.

Are there recognized problems with loading? Can anyone :

1 - Explain how to clear the weapon. It is not easy.

2  - Prevent this from happening

3 - Suggest a fix to apply to the weapon (I have more)

4 - Is there support from the new owners that I should be directing this problem to ?

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