When at the Bill Hicks expo today, someone told me that military guns, like tank cannons, have gain-twist rifling.  When at the Remington booth, the product manager said that he pushed for gain-twist rifling in their guns, but was shot down due to the high cost of making it.  (Sounds to me like they don't have a machine design skill set on the TFG staff.) Maybe I'm on to something here with gain-twist being used in the XR45.  Can anyone confirm that gain twist is used in military guns?

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National Tactical Officers Association just gave Liberty Ultra 9mm ammo 5 stars for reliability and accuracy.


Now if we can talk Bruce, the world-renowned mousegun addict, into testing this ammo in his XR9-L.

It is all the same high quality ammo with different box art.  The Halo ammo is where it all started and has become collectable.

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