Is there anyone who has an extra set of grips for sale?  I found someone to make carbon fiber grips for my Boberg, but he needs a set of grips for a pattern, and I don't want to leave my gun out of commission.  I will post photos here once they are done if I'm successful.


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I should have added that the grips don't even need to be perfect.........scratched is fine. Just need to have no significant damage and correct dimensions.

Vern, I'm interested in this project. I sent you a friend request. Let's discuss.

Maybe you can get a set from Bond.


It has been a lengthy project, but I finally have carbon fiber grips on both of my XR9s. The person who made them lives in the Philippines, and makes them by hand. I sent him a pair of XR9 grips, which took six weeks to get there, he made molds, and produced some pretty nice grips. The grips were not quite perfect, as the "nubs" that slide into the frame were too wide, so I filed them down a little. Same for the screw holes......a tiny modification with a moto tool fixed that. Once installed, they look very nice, and I have advised the owner about the "nubs." If anyone is interested, Ron (the owner) is willing to make Pearce style magazine ends. If you have an XR45, Ron would make you some grips, but you would have to send him a pair of grips to use for a mold (I did this, and mine were returned I damaged).

If you need new screws for the grips, they are M2.5x4, and use a 1.5mm Allen wrench. I bought twenty stainless Allen screws for about $4 on eBay.

Below are the photos of the grips, one black and one silver, along with the tools I used to touch them up. Ron's contact is: He is a real gentleman and great to work with. I think you'll agree that the grips look nice. They also have "XR9" embossed on the bottom of the magazine, but I couldn't get that to show.

If you are interested in the Rosewood grips from Bond, they told me last that it will be at least a couple of months before they will sell them. They did, however, sell me a 6.5lb. Main spring, so some parts are now available.

If you are wondering about the price, I'm not quite sure, as he gave me credit for sending my grips to use as a mold, but they are reasonable.
I should have a Rosewood grip quite soon. I am concerned with the "slickness" of a smooth wood grip for a pocket pistol.

There is a company (I don't remember the name, but it is in the original forum somewhere) that makes a stick-on rubber grip for the SR9. It goes over the stock grip. I am thinking that may be my path. There were comments about the product coming off, and the product staying on very nicely.

Do your new grips provide a better grip? It looks like they ought to.

Is the maker going to update his molds? Do you know how much he is charging for a set?
I will check on and post the price, and also check aboutthe Pearce style finger extension. They do fill my hand and provide a better grip than the factory grips.
I was looking at the picture again and it looks like they have a smooth glossy top coat. It that true?
Yes, they are very smooth. The fiber is well sealed.
I saw what I thought were from a textured surface. I don't think that they would be better than the Rosewood for handling.

I do not know well they would hold up but they sure look good.

Here is a XR9 with the stock grips treated with Hydro Graphic Dipping.  

There is quite a bit of info on google about testing the durability, I think it would be worth a try.


The carbon fiber grips, including a matching magazine pad, are $79.99, with free worldwide shipping.

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