I just ran across this, did not find a reference, so I thought I'd share.

Kinetic Concealment lists both the xr9 long and short as options for these holsters. Wish they had a .45 version for me.I think this is exactly the set-up I would like.


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Josh: I was going to order an OWB for the XR45S, but it isn't yet SKU'd on your website. If I buy one for the 45 you could just ship me the new leather backer for the XR9S long with my OWB for the XR45 (assuming the backing is different as between the two XR models)

Kinetic Concealment said:

Sounds great Luke, happy to do so buddy, or if you have a leather punch, I can just send you a backing. Either way!


Kinetic Concealment

116 East Lafayette

Jackson, TN 38301

Sounds great Luke. Can do! I'll get that 45 added to the site list. 


I recently received my new holster from Kinetic Concealment, and thought a very positive review was in order.  KC makes an IWB and OWB model. The IWB is similar in design to the Alien Gear cloak tuck--a  custom formed kydex shell on a leather backing which is in turn backed by super soft neoprene against the skin. KC offers two huge advantages which drove my purchase. First it was one of the few custom formed kydex holsters I could find for my Boberg 45-S (They also make models for the 9 short and long.) Second , I have never purchased or worn a concealment holster before and really needed to experiment with all sorts of carry methods and positions, and KC offers a combo pack with one shell and both the IWB and OWB backings, so you can swap the shell back and forth with the included screws. Between the ability to adjust the shell in different positions on the backing, and the ability to adjust the position of the belt clips on the backing, all sorts of ride heights and cants are possible, plus, you also have the option of drilling or punching your own holes in the backing for the ultimate in customization. This was perfect for my experimentation.  You can adjust the retention tension with the torque on the mounting screws. Mine arrived so tight I could not insert the gun and wondered if I had been sent the shell for the 9 by mistake, but a little RTFM and screw loosening later, I understood this was a feature, not a flaw. I suggest the new owner, loosen the screws, insert the gun fully, tighten the screws down firmly, and leave the gun in there for a while to allow the flat leather to take the set of the pistol.

So far in my living room and car, the holster is everything I expected and far more comfortable than I could have imagined. Really astounding. Even IWB, it is easy to forget I even have the gun on me. I only have one "complaint" if you can call it that, and it may be a function of my inexperience, as well as a universal problem with IWB holsters with metal belt clips. I imagine the clips start life as sheets of spring steel, cut to shape with a stamping die, then folded over to final form. As a result, there is a very sharp edge on the inside edge of the metal clips that gouged the heck out of my brand new extravagant $12 belt from Walmart that I purchased for this purpose. I plan to apply some judicious Dremel work to relieve that really sharp edge, and I recommend you do not let these clips touch your expensive custom gun belt until you do the same. I suspect this may be a common problem with all such clips, and more experienced gun toters already know all about this.

Built quality is top notch all around. The company owner, Josh, was very friendly and an pleasure to work with and had no problem accommodating a number of special requests on my part such as an enlarged front sight channel in case I decide to change the sights, and special shipping instructions. Note that while he may have 1911 holsters sitting on the shelf for immediate shipping, the Boberg holsters are custom made to order, so expect a couple of weeks delay. I am VERY happy with my purchase.Thank you, Josh.

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