Bond Arms, Inc. is excited to announce it has purchased the assets and product lines of Boberg Arms Corporation located in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Boberg Arms is the pioneering developer of compact and concealable, full-power semi-auto handguns featuring a unique, patented rear-feed system.

Bond Arms, of Granbury, Texas, is the industry leader manufacturing the smallest, most powerful and best built personal protection handguns.

The Boberg-designed bullpup semi-auto pistol is a perfect fit in the Bond Arms product line of precision- engineered, quality-constructed compact personal firearms. This acquisition is effective immediately and includes a transition period that may temporarily affect the ability of current Boberg Arms owners to receive quick warranty service if needed.

Boberg Arms will be relocating its manufacturing from St. Paul, MN to Granbury, TX over the next several months. It can be expected that in early January 2016, Bond Arms will begin servicing and supporting all current Boberg firearms. Also, during the first quarter of 2016 Bond Arms is expected to begin refining and building the next generation of these bullpup pistols under the Bond Arms name, on a limited basis at its Texas facility.

Customers of both companies are encouraged to follow the transition process on their respective current Facebook pages, and post any questions you may have there as well. This is also where we will announce when pre-orders for these next- generation Bond Arms bullpup semi-auto pistols can be placed, so stay tuned! --

thanks for everything folks!

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Garrett, that is excellent!

Bob Vineyard, MurCap is right for daily shooting. If you are going to carry a firearm then you need to know how it feels and sounds when you shoot it. In real life, it ain't the same. 

Thanks Nigel. A respected firearms safety course first then if the gun is for personal protection a self-defense course.

I think this is new... 

Or am I misremembering?

I was a newbie to this forum last November.  I have never seen this page open.  Hope does the same in the immediate future.

Some people who have had some difficulties with the pistols are short on parts.  Bond seems not ready yet for shipping at this time.  Still getting it together.

If anyone needs replacement parts we are shipping them as needed. We are not set up internally for selling Boberg parts yet but will be in the near future. Please contact me if you need anything or have questions.

Grips look neat.  I really wish we could have convinced Arne to do a run of grips in Boberg Blue while he was still involved.  I think they would have looked great with a Platinum.

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