Bond Arms, Inc. is excited to announce it has purchased the assets and product lines of Boberg Arms Corporation located in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Boberg Arms is the pioneering developer of compact and concealable, full-power semi-auto handguns featuring a unique, patented rear-feed system.

Bond Arms, of Granbury, Texas, is the industry leader manufacturing the smallest, most powerful and best built personal protection handguns.

The Boberg-designed bullpup semi-auto pistol is a perfect fit in the Bond Arms product line of precision- engineered, quality-constructed compact personal firearms. This acquisition is effective immediately and includes a transition period that may temporarily affect the ability of current Boberg Arms owners to receive quick warranty service if needed.

Boberg Arms will be relocating its manufacturing from St. Paul, MN to Granbury, TX over the next several months. It can be expected that in early January 2016, Bond Arms will begin servicing and supporting all current Boberg firearms. Also, during the first quarter of 2016 Bond Arms is expected to begin refining and building the next generation of these bullpup pistols under the Bond Arms name, on a limited basis at its Texas facility.

Customers of both companies are encouraged to follow the transition process on their respective current Facebook pages, and post any questions you may have there as well. This is also where we will announce when pre-orders for these next- generation Bond Arms bullpup semi-auto pistols can be placed, so stay tuned! --

thanks for everything folks!

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Say it isn't so!...  Mark, are you and any of the crew going?  I'll miss the fast and excellent service!  Thank you all for a wonderful carry gun...  Bond Arms has some pretty big shoes to fill!

I wish the best for the Boberg family and all of their employees.  

I hope that Bond keeps up the outstanding quality and good service.

Apparently Bond Arms manufactures small derringers?

Not to put them down, but no real Manufacturing Rocket Science there.....


Complex mechanism / closely fitted interchangeable parts / CNC tools / Heat Treated

Boberg pistols look like they came out of a tool and die shop!

Who would EVER believe a design such as Boberg would Really Verk?


Bobergs are NOT “investment cast / stickit in a fixture and drill a few holes / belt sanded”  products.

(Maybe Bond Arms aren’t either?   Don’t own one to eyeball….)

Will be interesting to see how Bond Arms continues on with this....


One way or another, GONRA wishes everybody concerned all the best!

Stay Tuned - Boberg Fans!   Hang onto your Genuine Bobergs!  Get Spare Parts NOW!

It is sad to see a dream die.  I have worked with small custom automation builders my entire life so I understand the need to sell a business to allow it to grow. They original dreamers always find another dream to build so I wish the original team well on their new journeys.

I would rather this dream go to a small company with big dreams versus a big company that would just sit on the patents. 

I still believe in 50 years this mechanism will be the standard for all handguns.  

My question is how do I get on the list to buy the new models that match my existing serial number sets. I know there are many others out there with me that want to be put on the wait list like last two times therefore please put me down for two of each new model like last time.

Interesting.  Now sure what it means but I have nothing negative to say about Bond Arms.  Hope this is a good thing for all parties involved (including us owners).


Bond Arms is a great fit for the xr series! they know how to make quality small arms and market them in a way that gets the firearms out to a vast number of folks!

i have nothing but great things to say about everyone from Bond Arms that i have met. really great people that will provide folks with the same customer care i hope you folks have grown to expect.

i am not moving on to Bond Arms, my son is here and i couldnt imagine moving too far away from him. i am at another manufacturer here in the great state of minnesota! but i will be doing whatever Bond Arms need to ensure a painless transition for our GREAT customer base out there.

speaking of which...

having a chance to deal with all of you folks has been the greatest work experience

in my life. what a great bunch of guys and gals... i am a lucky man!

the forums will remain up and i will continue to try to answer any questions or help in any way i can!

look for some GREAT things from bond, they will continue to develop the xr series and are committed to building the most powerful sub-compact semi auto on the market! i am really excited to see where the series will go!

GONRA noticed Bond Arms seems to like SMALL pistols.

MAYBE they would be interested in developing a pricey tiny .25 ACP Boberg that I have pushed for over the years?  

Also noted Bond Arms website has ROBOTS in the manufacturng process!

Assume their annual sales are in the zillions compared to Boberg Arms?

MAYBE they can crank out zillions of Bobergs too at 1/2 the price?

On way or another, this is really gonna be interesting!   Bobergs are NOT derringers!

Good luck to all the Boberg folks. I hope the top notch customer service continues with Bond Arms.

For me this is a bitter sweet announcement.  On one hand, I'm really happy to hear that Boberg handguns will continue on into the future with a successful company that has plenty of industry experience.  On the other hand, I'm sad that we will never again have the opportunity to share thoughts and ideas with Arne while designs were still on the drafting table.  I've always thought that was exceptionally special and something that made Boberg a "one of a kind" community.  We haven't seen Arne in ages, but I was always hopeful that one day the community would return to the good old days of 2012.

I wish the folks at Boberg success in the future and a painless transition to the Bond Arms family.



Sad to hear as it will never be the same company. I will miss this board. Bond Arms makes very quality derringer. The best in the industry. Bond Arms has good customer service. Maybe Mark has something new planned?

Yesterday I tried to buy 2 mags for my XR9-L and was told I was unable to do so because of this transition. Sad, sad, sad.  It's not a good day in America when you can't buy magazines for your guns from the manufacturer.  I hope for better days ahead and wish the best to all the Boberg Arms family.

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