I just purchased a lightly used XR9-L serial number L005XX, which I believe is an early model. Have there been any updates or improvements made since my pistol was built, and if so, how do I go about getting my pistol updated? I have shot only 150 rounds through it with no problems, so I haven't really put it to the test yet.

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hi randy...

your xr is for the most part the same as the more recent longs, with possibly a few exceptions...

take note of your magazine springs. are they shiny or a dull, almost rusty, color?

if they are shiny, there is an upgrade spring. you will want to switch that out.

there is also a slight chance that you have the earlier mainsprings. these had an angle at one of the hooked ends that was too extreme and was prone to breaking.

just make sure to keep you unlock block lubed with LPS all purpose antiseize!

Hello, Mark!  Long time no see.

SR9L Plat is a fun firearm now that I have had enough practice with it. However, have there been any mods/suggestions regarding the ejection characteristics? My pistol has always had a "spirited and vigorous" ejection experience. So far, I have been wounded 6 times - with the scars and bloody patches to prove it - and wounded two of the officers/monitors at this wonderful first class range I attend. This week had me bloody again, and a range officer received a burn on his neck as well. They are considering banning my use of the Bo at the range. That would really upset me, but I truly would like to stop the carnage. I shoot HPR exclusively and never had a jam - that I couldn't blame on a lazy rack when charging the pistol. Love the Bo, but......

Any comments on this kind of situation? Thanx, Dick

when i took the high speed (slow mo) footage of the extraxtion process, in order to identify the LRE ejection cause, i also identified the reason that the shooter gets "Boberged".

every once in a while a spent case will strike the front face of the ejection port. it is just like standing in front of the garage door and chuckin a tennis ball at it. it comes straight back at ya. you end up with a hit to the forehead or face.

i modified a slide, changing the angle of the front face of the port. the rounds that would have struck a person in the forehead, now arc high over your head.

i will try to illustrate the mod. you need to be carefull as there is not much material in this area that can me removed without getting to close to the barrel lug channel.

the slide i did the mod to, has at least a thousand rounds through it after the mod, so i see no indication of lowering the strength of the system.

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