After not firing my XR45-S for a few months, I took it to the range and all of a sudden the firing pin is not striking the primer hard enough to ignite the primer. It will dent the primer and one round finally fired after 5 or 6 successive trigger pulls, but other rounds would not fire after multiple strikes. This has never happened to me before.This is not bad ammo because it happened with all three types I had on hand including Winchester White Box and Federal HST both of which had always been reliable and new ammo from Underwood. It is also not a failure to go into battery as the frame, slide, and hammer are all properly flush with each other. The only explanations I can come up with are:

  1. Debris in the firing pin channel slowing it down.
  2. The hammer being released too early before full spring tension is achieved.
  3. A sudden fatigue in the hammer spring causing it to be weaker than it used to be.

Has anybody experienced this? Does anybody have any idea what the cause may be?

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Found the problem. A complete stripping revealed that the firing pin channel had become clogged with dirt and excess lube. A thorough cleaning and re-lubing with Froglube and all is well again.

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