This has probably been covered elsewhere but I'm not sure how to find it. My XR-9L Onyx has about 350 rounds through it with the only hangups being caused by the lack of a "full slingshot" to chamber the first round.


Yesterday when shooting my son noticed that the pin at the bottom of the hammer keeps working it's way out on the left side of the frame.  (About every 15 rounds).  Is Locktite the solution...and if so where does it go?


Love the accuracy of the gun and once my CC is approved it will be my normal (if only occasionally) carry piece.




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sounds as if the set screw has worked its way out. I had the same thing happen. I took the screw out and cleaned and reinstalled with a drop of Loctite on it. So far so good after that.

yes threads must be clean, male and female other wise thread lock is on top of wax,oil,dirt etc...

I think this is just a pin of some sort; it goes through the bottom of the hammer and hinges it to the frame.  I can't see anything that looks like a set screw that needs to be screwed in? Is the screw under the slide somewhere? On the schematic of the XR45S it's called the "pivot pin, hammer" and was actually sticking out of the gun about 1/8" before my son pointed it out to me. Aha, further examination shows a small threaded hole in the top rail of the slide which should have what looks like a small set screw called a "M2.5x3 SHSS" on the XR45S schematic. This is not present in the gun and apparently has been lost. :-(  Damn.

Paul,you found the set screw seat just above the pin.I think its on the left side tapped through the slide rail. I suppose the the set screw could be missing but more likely it's just hard to see. Try a .050 hex wrench righty tighty lefty loosey.


it does sound like your set screw for the pin has loosened up a bit or it is missing. please send me your mailing addy and i will get a simple fixit kit (along with some simple instructions) out to you right away!

my email addy is:      mark at bobergarms dot com



Thanks Mark!

I received the little package 'o parts last Saturday and lo and behold the little screw was still in the threaded hole, but had worked it's way clear of the retaining pin. Cleaned the gun and lok-tighted the little bugger so I should be back in business now. BTW I received a 2-way holster from Stoner(?) which was exactly what I was looking for.  Thanks again!


Recently I took a "Presentation from the Holster" class at my local gun range. This involved drawing and firing roughly 100 rounds in various scenarios over the course of an hour.  Around about minute 45 I noticed I was not hitting exactly where I was aiming but chalked it up to getting tired of the process.  This continued to get more noticeable until I realized that the rear sight was sliding off to the left in the slot.  I fired the last several mags of the class by pushing the sight back to the right between reloads as I didn't have the little hex wrench with me. Went home and promptly lock-tighted the offending screw down.  Problem solved.  Love the XR-9L.


I own an XR9-S, (SN 100), which has the "loose pin" problem. My parts list and exploded view does not show a set screw to hold the "pivot pin, hammer", (pages 22 and 23 of the owner's manual), in place. In addition I do not see any threaded hole in the rail for a set screw.

Is loctite a viable solution? Would a slightly larger diameter pin work?

I appreciate any help you can provide.

Again, thank you . . .


Richard, I think that set screw was added later on.  I may not remember correctly, but I think that my XR9 (SN around 700) originally did not have it, but it was added by the factory when I sent it back for various upgrades.

So I'd suggest contacting the factory to have that problem fixed by them.

Now for the bad news...............Today I was contacted by Bond Arms,and they informed me that they are 2-3 months out on taking in any repairs.  I then requested to purchase the part that I need to do the repair.  I am hoping a gunsmith may replace the pin I need. I am waiting on a response to my request to purchase........

Below is a part of a posting I put on this forum just last week.  The pin I need is different from what is mentioned above.  Another forum member had this same problem addressed previously.  I believe he had returned his gun to Boberg for service.

......There is a good sized roll pin that you see on each side of the slide just ahead of the rear site.  I believe it holds the tongs,firing pin assembly etc.  The pin has shifted 1/16th of an inch plus, to the right side of the slide.  It sticks out and is very sharp.  I don't know if some of it is missing.  My gun dealer pulled something up on his computer that said Boberg had seen this before; and he recommended not to shoot the gun. The gun dealer is just blocks from the former Boberg offices; and he seems quite knowledgeable about the gun.  I have had contact with Garrett at Bond Arms; and am waiting until they are set up for repairs.  I'm tending to believe that it could be quite some time before it happens.  I bought my XR9-S on the 11th of this past November  2015.

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