well i have well over 1000 rounds through a pistol that was treated entirely with frog lube.

i am not a big frog lube advocate, never liked it. first off, it doesnt smell like frog, so wut the?

ya ever had a turkey hot dog? it doesn't smell like a hot dog... that stuff has always upset me.

at our last shot show, the frog lube guys were not far a way. the rep was looking at the XRs and when it came to the unlock block, he exclaimed... "i got something perfect for that" i told him i had already tried the frog lube, it did not work. he said they had a paste i had to try.

been there, done that. everyone had something that was going to work great on the unlock block. they all fell short. so the jar of paste got tossed into the bottom of the show bin and sat there for a few months...

one day i was digging through boxes... trying to find some dang staples... and i came across the jar of frog lube paste...

i had nothin going on. we had just finished testing a sixteen inch "ultra-long" barrel. it made the gun feel front heavy and made me walk funny, so no go.

the XR was cleaned thoroughly. unfortunately, frog lube will begin to "gunk up" when it mixes with petroleum based lubes as well as many others. so ya got to strip yer bully good.

i have been using the frog lube paste on the unlock block and the normal frog lube "oil" on rails and internals and the system has been running with no issue for a hair over 1K.you could use the frog lube paste throughout the entire system, following application instructions on the label.

this is significant as we have not really seen other lubes that will consistently work well at the unlock block/barrel interface. the availability of frog lube and many of its characteristics will surely be an attractive alternative to the very messy LPS anti-seize.

remember, only the frog lube PASTE will work as an alternative to the LPS all purpose anti-seize, used at the unlock block/barrel lug interface. using frog lube with other lubrication products will result in gumming and thickening.

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I can second Mark's enthusiasm here. I accidentally performed the same test. I am a big fan of the frog lube paste and after a very thorough cleaning, froglubed every thing I could reach. Two applications of the full deal with the heat applied and everything. I then re-assembled and simply forgot to apply the LPS. I took it out about a month later and put 100 rounds of Winchester White Box 230 FMJ though it without a single issue related to the unlock block. ( I still get the occasional live round ejection though).

I have successfully been using Sta Lube Anti-Seize Part No. SL3333. It is on the Consolidated List of Popular Cleaning/Lube Products here on the site. It is also $3 at Walmart

DONT forget! never let frog lube mix with any other type of lube.

i just spent 2 hours cleaning the cosmoline/cement like mixture, that occurs when you do this, from a coonan...

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