I have a problem. Ever since I first recieved my XR9  a couple of years ago , the magazine drops down from the grip about an 1/8th. sometimes while shooting. Make a long story short , I've tried to replace the mag release button and spring but the allen wrench is so small in diameter that  I've stripped the button head screws and can't get a hold on it to remover the screws. Both sides of the frame , the screws are stripped and I can't get them out. Its been returned once , and I changed the mag release button once also , but now I can't get the screws out. What should I do ?

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I had severe magazine drops when I tried shooting HST 124 in my XR9. I changed ammo and the problem went away.

I too, have been having issues with the magazine dropping out of lock when shooting 115gr PMC Bronze or 124gr American Eagle. I have shot about 160 rounds through my new XR9-S Onyx (ser # 022XX) & other than a few FTF early on, the only persistent problem has been the magazine prematurely releasing from the catch - this has caused a jammed pistol a couple of times when I tried to push the magazine back up to the locked position & then fire. I have learned that when the magazine drops, I pull out the magazine, fire the round that has been chambered, & then put the magazine back in, re-racking the slide.

I read a much earlier post where another user had a similar issue & Arne had sent out a new magazine release that was 'longer' & this seemed to fix the problem. Now that Arne is out of the game & Bond Arms is in the process of setting up CS, would anyone have any words of wisdom, suggestions, or advice on what is causing the magazine drops or what should be done?

Thanks for your help!!!

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