What's the status on the 6lb springs? Are the currently available springs the "2nd generation" that's been discussed, or are they not yet stocked?

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I did my best to clean them out of Gen 1 6-pounders last month, but I think they still have some left.  I was under the impression that future batches would be 2nd Gen.

I have an RFQ out for them right now.  I'm really tempted to go .001" more on the wire diameter to make them "6.5 pounders".

If you have a list add me to it... I'll take a bunch. I'd be happy to swap all of the old 6 lb'ers I have for the new ones ;) - OK, just kidding.

Actually going to 6.5 lbs might be a good idea to handle the occasional FTF with hard primer ammo. The only FTF I had was 1 out of 100 rnds of target S&B... All of my carry ammo works fine @ 6 lbs. I am currently using the 7.5 but actually really prefer the 6. It really does make the gun perfect to shoot.

The new 6.5 lb mainspring is in stock.  I will change the webstore to reflect that poundage.  While the force is slightly more than the 6 lb, the incidence of light strikes with some of the harder primers has totally gone away for me.

Ordered :)
I currently have a XR9S my wife shoots and she gets a blister on her finger. It would be beneficial to have a lighter spring for her

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