Has anyone tried to mount any sort of optic like a red dot or reflex sight on any Boberg? If so I'd love to know who did the work, what optic was used and how it turned out.

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That sounds like a good plan.  If you like it on the glock, you can swap the optic to the boberg and upgrade the glock, which has better options for a carry gun (i.e. get your slide milled or get a replacement slide with pre-cut mount for the optic and better sights).  And while I haven't tried one, there seems to be a consensus that if you want a no-fail optic for the glock, the trijicon optic is probably what you want.  If you haven't seen it, the Suarez Warrior Talk forum has a dedicated subforum for red dot pistols, and it's predominantly glocks.

Unfortunately, I haven't found my notes on which adapter I used.  At the time I did it, I had a bunch of notes on dovetail dimensions, and I used that to select the adapter, so I never called JP about it.  But my experience with JP on other matters is that they are very responsive, so if you contact them my guess is that they will be willing to help.  Mostly you will be looking for one with a dovetail that is wider than the boberg dovetail, and IIRC there are only one or two.  In a worst case scenario, you could get the gunsmith version of the adapter, which is essentially an uncut block with the right mounting bits on one side and have someone mill out the dovetail shape on the other side.

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