I was wondering whether the Website members will get the first crack at pre-ordering the Shorty.

I'm starting to get excited - I've been looking forward to this for quite a while.

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Yep, you are still on the list.
Am I?
I am guessing that many of the early inquirers (from Q1 2008 on up) may not have subscribed to this site, but they are on our earlier list. That being said, some of those inquirers were just looking for info and may have already bought another brand of pistol to fill a need. You subsrcribers may make up the bulk of the first 300-400 guns in any case. But you must make certain that I receive an e-mail at arne@bobergarms.com to get you on the Gmail list. Those that sent inquires to the old "arbomatrix" e-mail are already on the Gmail list. I have no way of getting your e-mail address from this BobergArms.com forum.
Please add me to the list.

Arne Boberg said:
$849. If you want to be on the list, please send an e-mail to arne@bobergarms.com
Yes - your timestamp was in May 2009.

BretShooter said:
Am I?
Hi Arne,
I sent you an email about pre-ordering two pistols and was just making sure you were able to get it. Just wanted to make sure I was able to get on the list. I've been following this pistol for a while and I'm really excited to say the least. Can't wait!! Thanks.
You are on the list!
I would love to be on the pre-order notification list. The Shorty looks incredible. I have also sent an email as requested. Thanks Arne for all your hard work on the XR9-S.
I just sent an email to arne@bobergarms.com requesting to be put on the list. Please confirm that I'm on, thanks.

Just to make sure, I went back to check and both you guys are on the list.
Hello Arne,

Sent you an email shortly ago requesting to be added to the pre-order/release notification list so I may then complete the payment for procurement of the XR9-S.

Thank you

Got it.

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