Preventing Slide Lockup & Ammo Jams: Owner's Manual Cleaning & Lube Instructions



The full Owner's Manual is available for free download here.



From the Cleaning & Maintenance section:


Clean the barrel bore with a premium quality, powder removing solvent and bore brush. Wipe the bore clean with a bore patch or swab. Using a small brush and solvent, remove all deposits from around the breech of the barrel, and chamber, extractor, locking lugs, and adjacent areas which have been subjected to the action of the powder or primer residue. Remove any residue on the frame with light brushing and solvent. Clean the magazine well by removing any grit, dust, or residue with a magazine well swab.


The Boberg XR9-S comes pre-lubricated at the factory with a non-evaporating lubricant. However, it is recommended that the XR9-S be periodically lubricated, especially after cleaning. In Figures 13-20 the key lubrication points are shown. One drop of oil in each area is recommended. Any excess lubricant should be wiped off, especially on the grip area. While we currently use Break-Free CLP™ brand lubricant; any product of equivalent performance should be sufficient.



And use a Moly-based lube such as LPS on the unlock block as shown:

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Unfortunately, as a matter of fact, only you matter according to current evidence.

We're all made of matter...and some of chatter.

There is a very good video on the Bond Arms website about "their" new bullpup (i.e Boberg XR9-S). They claim that by treating the barrel and unlock block with electroless nickel and teflon, they have eliminated the need for anti-seize compound and made the gun cycle smoother. Might be a worthwhile idea.

no anti-seize is a very good thing... not sure how it could run "any smoother" than it did already, but Bond Arms never ceases to amaze me!

I have a DPMS G2 .308 that has Robar's NP3+ treatment (includes teflon) on it. This rifle runs really smooth and is extremely easy to clean. Looks like Robar's would charge $105 for NP3+ on the XR barrel and locking block, and $80 for NP3. Robar's customer service is excellent.

Yesterday, the owner of Robar emailed me that Bond Arms is using Robar NP3 on their barrel and locking block.  Supposed to eliminate the need for grease.


Did he suggest any other parts that might benefit from the NP3 process? I see that their whole gun price is $450, but I suspect that would be serious overkill, and could actually be counter-productive on a Boberg given its unique engineering. What say you Mark Dante?

Vern said:

Yesterday, the owner of Robar emailed me that Bond Arms is using Robar NP3 on their barrel and locking block.  Supposed to eliminate the need for grease.

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The Bond Arms Bullpup Coming soon!

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