I need to remove my XR-45 hammer pivot pin. Does anybody know for sure if I drive it from left to right, right to left, or if it does not matter?

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Major, my manual shows the pin coming in from the left side; whether that's the correct direction to remove it, I'm not sure.  I can't find where I saw Mark describe which way the pins drive out.  I do believe it matters tho'.

Thanks, Artosa.

If you mean the exploded parts diagram,on page 30, I hate to rely on that for much. I think which side something is shown coming from is just for visual clarity rather than actual assembly direction.

There is a video that shows the trigger pin being removed from right to left and inserted from left to right, so without any further info, I'm going to assume that the frame pins are designed with a consistent directionality.

Did you ever get a definitive answer to this?  I've discovered that the hammer pin (as most of the other pins) is held in place by a set screw.  I discovered this because my trigger pin was creeping out, and tightening the set screw fixed it.  If you remove the set screw, the pin may slide out without much difficulty except for the tension on the hammer.  You might need to remove the main spring or whatever spring keeps the hammer under tension. 

I was able to solve my problem without removing it, but just earlier today I found a PDF on the Boberg site describing the process for removing the lift mechanism in the XR9, and it states in huge letters that all pivot pins in the XR series are removed from the left side of the frame and damage will result if you try to remove them from the right side. So to remove pin, drive from right to left and when replacing pin, insert on left and tap to the right.

Good to know!  Thanks.

Don't forget to loosen the locking set screws if you want to remove the lift mech or trigger pivot pin!

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