It is now available for purchase as an accessory on our webstore:

It is great for training and showing off your gun where you normally can't (or won't) bring a gun (or present you CC gun for that matter).  Construction is ultra-tough polyurethane.

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Are the weights similar?  If so I may need do the loan thing.

No - the Blue Gun only weighs a few ounces.  I could drill one out and put lead plugs in it....

That's ok Arne.  I may take out a loaner anyway.

For some reason I thought the blue guns matched the weight of the originals, but I'm often wrong.  I think I just dream this stuff up in my sleep.

Are there comparable products for the XR9-S and for the XR45-S/L when they are introduced?

No - we had Duncan's Outdoor Shop in Michigan do the aluminum patterns for the Shorty.  It was no cost to us, but it took longer than Ring's.  I wanted to get patterns in the hands of holster makers in a hurry, but it involved investment on our part.  Depending on how well the XR9-L blue guns sell, we may have Shorty versions made as well.


Pelosi loves it!  Soon that's all we will have..."Blue Guns," and "Bluemen."

What a great collectors piece. I will get one. Are the new run  6 pound springs out yet?

If anyone has one of these for sale, I am looking for one!

Cheers, Ben

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