Robert Locke who owned Mecco Holsters and did all the work himself died last night from cancer.

He was a friend of the industry and a true Gentleman.

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Wow....knew I recognized the name, but couldn't place it until I opened the thread.  This makes me sad.  RIP Robert.

I just went to the Meco Holster website within the last few weeks to place an order and read the notice they "were NOT manufacturing holsters or belts at this time".

I have one of his split front pocket holsters for my XR45.

Rest in peace Robert.

Robert's Son Tim plans on taking over the business for now anyway.  I do not know how familiar he is with it.

I wish him the best.

Robert's holsters are now collectors items.  R.I.P.

Rest in Peace Robert. I'm glad I was smart enough to purchase one  of your fine holsters.

Mine's still for sale. R/H inside pocket, unlined.  Used maybe three times just some sight track marks near the bottom.

Hello all, I want to thank everyone on behalf of the family for the kind words about Dad.  He is greatly missed by many.  As to answer some of the questions above, Yes I will be attempting to carry on Dad's legacy, I have been working under Dad's Instruction for about 5 years now.  I am somewhat nervous about this but, he had the confidence in me to leave the business to me so I owe him the attempt.  The site will be back up soon as I get everything in order.  Once again thank you all.


It will be's in your family DNA.

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