Boberg Arms Corp. has a BIG problem:  They make guns that are too fun to shoot.  Those that are waiting for their turn are in for a treat.  Watch Bruce's vids and you'll get an idea...


I was looking through the owner's manual and did not see any recommendations for scheduled maintenance.  Rohrbaugh recommends to replace recoil spring every 200 rounds.  The Kimber Solo CDP I just bought says to replace the recoil spring every 1000 rounds.  I could not find any recommendation for replacing either the recoil spring or the main (trigger) spring on our XR9-S.  The design is completely different but surely they can't last forever....


I probably have about 1000 rounds through mine so far and I'd prefer not to have a spring break if I were forced into a defensive situation.  A break during practice is not the end of the world but I'd rather keep up with a maintenance schedule to make sure the gun works when I really need it.

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