There has been some interest in our experimental short stroke trigger.  We have two working prototypes right now, on my carry gun and on my gunsmith's carry gun.  Those who have had a chance make a direct comparison between the two triggers seem to prefer the shorter stroke trigger.  That being said, there is a tradeoff - your force will increase.  Below is a chart.  The stroke lengths are, after take-up, .285" and .385".  The 7.5 lb mainspring was used in both cases.

Here is a link to the video of the two different triggers:

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And they'll be ready to ship.....  tomorrow?

I have a shop quoting them in quantity right now.  Anyone mind that it peaks out close to 10lbs?

First thought is what would the short stroke feel like with the 6lb spring?  I ordered, installed, and prefer the 6 pounder on my XR9-S.  

A written number  - "10lbs" - doesn't translate very accurately into how it feels.  I know I'm anxious to try it.  

Keep the price low Arne, some of us here are a captive audience - SIGH!!!!


Down to 4-5 lbs, lighter is always better, but I will take what I can get.  And I was going to try it with the lighter spring, too.  Could a heavier hammer (more mass) need a lighter spring?

Arne Boberg said:

 Anyone mind that it peaks out close to 10lbs?

A heavier hammer will slow it down and reduce the impact on the firing pin.  I will have to run the force tests on the 6lb mainspring next.

I'm with Kevin & Bret, the 6lb has always work with quality ammo. What ever gives me the best accuracy. Trade off's can't live with them, can't live without them.

I'm about to order my XR9-S and would also like to know what the force looks like with the lighter 6# spring.  I'm heavily leaning to the short stroke trigger.

Put me on the list for the short stroke trigger Arne

I'm more curious about how the short stroke trigger would affect accuracy.  I would like to see a chart or written comparing the overall accuracy of each trigger.  In order to have a meaningful sample size, such a chart would probably take a long time.  Other Variables like individual skill level would also need to be accounted for or controlled in some way.

Having said all that, if the new trigger isn't too difficult to install, I would be happy to buy one and try it out.  For me, I feel comfortable with most gun work that doesn't require filing or gluing.  Posting a video on youtube that shows how to install the trigger would also be helpful.  It would be helpful to anyone who buys the product, not just for me.  You could even include the url of the video in the instructions. 

Here is the latest plot with the short stroke trigger comparing the 7.5lb spring to the 6lb spring - there is not much difference, but the 6lb spring has a lot fewer rounds through it:

I would not mind the ten pound peak at all. I am already using the ten pound spring in my pistol. In my case I would just be getting a shorter stroke at the same pull weight. What I am interested to see is if this will shorten the reset. That would be the big selling point for me.

I, too, would wish to try a short stroke trigger...the long pull/long reset has me dropping the muzzle during rapid fire for some reason, an issue I don't have with my other small 9's and with my compact .45.

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