There has been some interest in our experimental short stroke trigger.  We have two working prototypes right now, on my carry gun and on my gunsmith's carry gun.  Those who have had a chance make a direct comparison between the two triggers seem to prefer the shorter stroke trigger.  That being said, there is a tradeoff - your force will increase.  Below is a chart.  The stroke lengths are, after take-up, .285" and .385".  The 7.5 lb mainspring was used in both cases.

Here is a link to the video of the two different triggers:

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Guess I could dremel my trigger a little..Can't tell on my short trigger? It really isn't sharp but my hands are big however, not fat.

So, I just got my Shorty back from the factory after being updated and then I got the short pull trigger and put it in.  I dry fired it with the 7.5 lb spring and thought that I would grow weary of the 10 lb trigger pull at the range.  I put in the 6 lb spring and headed to the range.  Arne told me that the 6 lb. spring was a first generation spring and  that because of a sharp bend, had some reported breakages. He recommended that if I liked the 6 lb spring, I should change it after 500 rounds.

At the range, I put an equal  mix of PMC ball and Federal Ranger 124 gr. +P through it.  I only shot 100 rounds through it because it was also the day for my Seecamp .380 to be shot and that tires me out rather quickly.  Anyway, the Shorty ran flawlessly  and the new trigger was a big improvement for me. No light strikes with the selected ammo. My accuracy improved greatly compared to the long pull trigger.  It may be that the force vs. distance graph comparing the 6 and 7.5 lb spring with the short pull trigger needs repeating.  I felt a big difference between these two springs while dry firing  and likely more than could be explained by the 7.5 lb spring used for the graph being 200 rounds old.

I suggest that anyone who thinks that the original trigger is a bit long, try the shorter pull trigger with the six pound spring.  I think it is SWEET.  I just ordered three 6 lb springs to stick with Arne's recommendation of a 500 round limit.  I would have bought more, but I am hoping that he comes up with a Gen. 2 6 lb. spring.  My personal opinion is that the shorter pull trigger and the 6 lb spring should be the factory configuration.

From what I heard Arne say, the 7.5 lb springs have this problem solved, but the 6 lb springs are still the originals.

It is at the start of the bends, looks like a slight dent.

Need Arne to chime in on this. I can't see any notches on the extra 6lb I just

We'll be ordering  Gen 2 6-lb mainsprings this week.  I'm tempted to make it a 6.5 lb spring (always improving things).

Unless you think that the gradual weakening of the spring that happens with time will result in misfires, I would like to stay at 6 lbs.  I think its perfect for me.

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