i am locking down the site for the time being. if we can get a  registration approval system set up, i will bring the pages back up, bit right now, thats not the case.

when i get back into town thursday i will attempt again to get this taken care of...

you can always reach me at:

Boberg Arms at g mail dot com.

i will lock down the site this evening (tuesday june 13)

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...say is anybody able to communicate here anymore>>>? contactme ....; Bobert blog, and product, just like we used to do... can we re-locate if Mark cannot succeed...?

OK, that is settled.

Now, how do I post pictures here. I am taking side by side pics of Shorty and Bullpup.

What I have seen.

The mags are different.
The extractor prongs are thinner.
The ramp area seems a bit smaller.
The spring is shorter and it seems a bit easier to cycle the action.
There is a C on the barrel and block. Sort of assuming it means coated.
Fired 20 rounds. Flawless. It seemed to be punishing my trigger finger. The trigger or the guard.

It is still very enthusiastic about flinging brass. I retrieved 7 pieces. A few about 20' away, one at about 30'. Pretty much to the right side and back.

They have enough nicks and a couple of dents to make reloading not so interesting.

I don't remember from the Shorty, but here there is essentially a 1/4" shoulder on the front of the brass. The powder traces are generally limited to that shoulder area. I am presuming this is a normal approach to getting a explosive seal to keep burning powder/gas from escaping back into the action.

I like it. Even the wooden grip.

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