Any plans for a steel frame?

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I might have to take you to task on that.

I'm very interested in this. Maybe we could get an official word on whether or not this is still in the works. Please. ;)

I doubt it will happen.  Too many cost factors.  I would say the way things go in this world with all the manufacturers a poly. is more likely.  Lightens the gun. "Glockberg?"

Perhaps the better questions are how much someone is willing to pay for a steel frame to justify the higher cost of manufacturing, and how many are willing to pay it.

GONRA sez   Back in the Arne Days, MY thought was -

if Arne made some Steel Framed .45 ACP's for tests,

just make a few more on  his CNC equipment

and sell 'em ata premium $$$ to fanatics like me and others....

If a steel frame comes out, I'm really going to want one too.  A high polish blued model would make me drool.  A nicely brushed stainless one would be great too.  If they do this in stainless, my suggestion is to mix up the finishing a bit - perhaps some polished accents; or brushed in some areas and fine bead blasting in others?  I need a gun to go with my Omega Seamaster, and this just could be the one.  Function and beauty!!!  Life's too short to carry an ugly gun.  A tiny bit of polishing in the right areas - man, oh man!!

I like all metal pistols, but in the way of all gun smoke, it appears that companies are going polymer. Even Smith and Wesson is gearing-away from their all steel and aluminum handguns.

GONRA regards any .45 ACP  STEEL FRAME  Boberg asa super GREAT collectors item - that's it!

It would be.

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