After a very long time I finally got my XR45-S Onxy to the range.  No failures to fire, to eject or to feed, but I only managed a couple dozen rounds through it because the takedown lever migrated our a little bit with every shot.  I didn't notice until after the first full magazine when I was at risk of the slide coming back into my face!

What now?

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Well, I've managed to thoroughly muck up both ends of my original return spring, and have made a start of ruining one end of the extra that Luke sent.  Even using a guide during assembly.  I'm getting better at it, though, and learning how much distortion can be tolerated before there are problems cycling.

No response from Bond...I'm going to stock up on a bunch of springs if they ever offer them.

I can see that somebody at the factory already did a little filing on the groove in the lever, so I'm gradually deepening it more.  Width doesn't seem to be a problem, because the flat springs do fit into it.  Progress is slow if only because our local ranges aren't very well lit.  This is good for practice, but creates even more of a challenge reassembling after each bit of work on the lever.

Thanks everybody for the help.

Bond Arms is now answering their phone and eMail.  Additional recoil springs on order..

also, as you are pushing your slide into place, hold the spring UP against the interior of the slide with your thumb. close the slide as far as you can with your thumb retaining the position of the spring. once you get close enough so that you must remove your thumb. you should have enough guide rod in the spring to run smoothly through the guide rod port.

Mollie said:

Try reversing the spring so the bent end points toward the rear of the gun. Hold the gun upside down as you install the slide and keep your eye on the front end of the spring to make sure it stays in place. You can also hold the forward end of the spring in place with your finger.

when the takedown lever is escaping during shooting the following issue is the cause.

the channel in the takedown lever that the two leaf springs ride in is slightly underspec. this channel is easily identifiable if you note the relation of the springs and lever when the pistol is assembled and how they interface.

widen this channel out slightly (left and right, it does not need to be deepened)

using a file, widen the channel SLIGHTLY. remove a very small amount of material on each side of the channel.

now see if'n one of your leaf springs settles all the way in...

no? widen a bit more... yes? you are done.

only remove a small amount of material at any one time. you can always take more off, but ya cant put it back on!

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