hi folks... wanted to drop a list here of things NOT TO DO with your XR series pistols...

unless you really want to supply me with spare parts for other folks!

DONT send your slide off to have surfaced, and then, after putting the rest of your pistol in a shoe box, throw said shoe box away. (he didnt realize it until the place called him about his slide. the box had been gone WEEKS)

DONT decide its a good idea to try to WELD a picatiny rail to your shorty frame. a STEEL picatiny rail, to an aluminum frame. (a new welder turned the front end of a frame into slag)

DONT think you can fix Live Round Ejections by changing the angle of the magazine to barrel. if you CUT OFF the grip portion of the frame, it will NEVER be the same again. (a fella that "did some gunsmithing" many years ago...)

DONT leave you XR under your front seat of the car, and if you HAVE TO, do so BEFORE you pull into the parking lot. that way you dont have to come out to a car with a smashed in window! (but if you do, and you have a spare barrel, i would love to take it off your hands!)

i will add more as i "get them"...

stay safe! God Bless America!

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DON'T Put it somewhere in the house a burglar would never think to look while you are away for a few weeks. If you must, write yourself a note (where you will find the note). Unfired black XR 9 now missing for two years.

yupper..... been there dont that!

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