Are there any parts of the gun that can not or should not be cleaned and lubed by ultrasound?

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I can't think of any - we lubed all the nooks and crannies at the factory - so you will have to replace all that lube that will boil out.  We have added another couple of lubrication point since owner's manual came out - the firing pin hole (in the rear), and the inside of the insert block hook.

What would you use for cleaning solution?

See the Popular Lubes / Cleaners thread

I checked the thread. I didn't see any suggestions for an ultrasonic cleaner solution. Does anyone have a recommendation?

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See the Popular Lubes / Cleaners thread

Ah, sorry, didn't realize you meant to fill up an ultrasonic bath.  If an answer doesn't appear in response to this thread, try posting the same question to the Lube/Cleaner thread.

CC 235 Ultrasonic Cleaner and CC 400L Ultrasonic Lubricant was what I was planning to use. Both are available at Brownells.

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