ran a box of underwood +P downrange last friday. had not taken any of the kids out for a while...

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Still putting a box or two  through the nine every once in a while.  I believe I'm at 1400 rounds with out a problem.

Sure dont see much new on the B-Bullpup; unless you dig on Google.  I got on their list when they first took over the XR series.  The only info I ever get is on the owners Birthday; or if they have a barrel on sale.  Thank who ever keeps this site alive.  Glad to be a member.

I  shot mine when I first got it a couple years ago, but now I'm reluctant to shoot mine cause if it breaks, will Bond fix it?

I haven't fired my XR45s in a while its my home defense gun I keep next to the bed, I put about 500 rounds through it and it functions flawlessly now.  I have a transitional XR9 and will be taking it to the range this weekend.  The XR9  fits my hand better, and I don't have to use the anti seize with it so I'm leaving the XR45s at home.  Also the XR45 has become so rare and valuable I'm afraid of something happening to it. 

i still have one of these left.

never be any more of these made...


I purchased the Underwood Xtreme defender in both 45+P and 45 Super but have not had any chance to try them yet. How id Underwood's crimping? Any case separation issues?

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