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I imagine it depends on how good the crimp is, as the slide velocity is going to be pretty high.  It sounds about the same as 45 Super.

How did those petals not lay back against the base of the bullet?

No idea.  It's not my article.

it should work fine...

but since learning how some of the writers for that site "test" firearms and accessories, i would always get a second opinion that does not come from an on-line only gun peddler...

I don't know about the article, but some of the comments blew my mind.  There's a long piece of marketing fluff that refers to ".050 micron tolerance".  There's a simple answer to that: baloney.  A few computer chip makers work at that level, and a few of the best metrology labs (my father worked at that level, some of the time).  Firearms makers?  Not a chance.

7,500 years is a long time to work on interior ballistics...

Bob Cohee said:

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