I'm looking to purchase miscellaneous Boberg XR9 parts and accessories.

Looking for magazines, mag. base plates, grips, springs, "short" trigger assembly, holsters, sights, pretty much anything you can think of. Let me know what you have for sale.

Paypal, money order, check, whatever is best .Text preferred to

Arthur in Michigan.

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All items have been sold.  If you guys know anyone who has a Smith and Wesson Model Chief Special CS45 compact pistol.  I have magazines and barrels.  Rare items that Smith no longer offers for this pistol.  If you do run across anyone you'd be doing them a favor.

Sold to this guy!!!!!!

I did and a few others I must say.

Does anyone have the lighter trigger pull spring for an XR9 for sale?  I have a shorty with the light spring and an XR9-L with the heavy spring, and vastly prefer the light spring.


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