I have had some very good times with this gun.  I have been shooting 240-gr XTP hollow points travelling at about 1800 ft/sec, while bursting 5-gallon pails of water.  I've also been able to vaporize gallon jugs of water at 100 yards. Barrel is 10" long.  I really don't hunt, and use this gun rarely nowadays due to my busy schedule.  The Weaver Classic 2x28 scope is very durable and does not drift or require re-adjusting once sighted in.  This scope has a 26" eye relief, so long-armed shooters will get a clear and large image of the reticle.  This used to be the world's most powerful revolver, but at 1800 FPE, it still an "uber gun".  The butter smooth single-action trigger breaks at about 3 lbs and allows pinpoint accuracy.  This gun is in excellent condition.  Asking $1699 plus $55 shipping or best offer.  Retail is $2534 for these guns, and this one is like new. Walnut ammo case is hand-made by me.

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